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With only limited quantities available, order this bonbon-filled calendar today!

Countdown the days to Christmas with 25 unique flavours from our hand-crafted, small-batch bonbons using ethically-sourced chocolate. 12 flavours are from our current collections and 13 flavours are specially made just for the holiday season.
Flavours in the calendar in the following order: 
1. Salted Caramel Cheesecake (n, g)
2. Mango Passion Fruit Caramel over Creamy Coconut Ganache 
3. Dark Ganache using 66% Single Origin Madagascar Couverture 
4. Crème Brûlée (n)
5. Vanilla Peppermint Ganache
6. Tiramisu (n)
7. Cranberry Cheesecake (n, g)
8. Milk Ganache using Single Origin 46% Dominican Republic Couverture
9. Marzipan (n)
10. Mint Nanaimo Bar (n, g)
11. Hazelnut Latte (n)
12. Cranberry Pâte de Fruit over Crunchy Pecan Praline (n)
13. Gingerbread Cookie (n, g)
14. Honey Caramel Ganache over Crunchy Cookie Peanut Butter (n)
15. Orange Hazelnut (n)
16. Salted Caramel over Crunchy Pecan Praline (n)
17. Raspberry Pistachio (n)
18. Dark Salted Caramel
19. Apple Crisp (g)
20. Yuzu Pumpkin Seed Coconut (n)
21. Mango Passion Fruit Caramel over Black Sesame Praline (n)
22. Strawberry Peanut Butter (n)
23. Milk Salted Caramel
24. Cookies & Cream (n, g)
25. Eggnog Caramel over Shortbread (n, g)
n=nuts/seeds; g=gluten
Please note: there are no flavour substitutions available for this item.