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Countdown the days until Christmas with 25 unique flavours from our hand-crafted, small-batch bonbons using ethically-sourced chocolate. 10 flavours are from our current collections and 15 flavours are made specifically just for the holiday season. 278 g
Flavours in the calendar in the following order: 
1. Banana split (n)
2. Tiramisu (n)
3. Yuzu Pistachio (n)
4. Blackberry Danish (g)
5. Crème Brûlée (n)
6. Peppermint 
7. Espresso 
8. Black Currant
9. Strawberry Almond (n)
10. Passion Fruit Mango 
11. Calamansi Tart (g)
12. Hazelnut Orange (n)
13. Apple Crisp (g)
14. Coconut Dream (n)
15. Hazelnut Latte (n)
16. Tonka Bean Caramel 
17. Gingerbread (g)
18. Raspberry Pistachio (n)
19. Caramelized Cookie (g)
20. Almond Delight (n)
21. Honey Nut (n)
22. Marvelous Macadamia (n)
23. Salted Caramel
24. Eggnog Caramel Shortbread (n, g)
25. Popping Peanut (n)
n=nuts, g=gluten
Sorry, no flavour substitutions available for this item.

Pickups and deliveries start November  21. Shipping begins November 16. Each delivery address and method requires a separate order. All items in the same order as the Advent Calendar will have the same delivery/shipping day.

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