drinking chocolate stirrer
Drinking hot chocolate stirrer bag
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Drinking Chocolate Stirrer

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We’re not going to lie, we weren’t fans of hot chocolate, so we created this. It is nothing like that powdery, gritty, overly-sweet drink you grew up with. This is heavenly. It’s 45g of solid Valrhona 62% dark couverture chocolate on a wooden spoon, with a very special addition, a solid heart made with Valrhona’s Inspiration strawberry couverture. So have a hot chocolate and eat the strawberry heart and marshmallows separately, or make a strawberry hot chocolate, and garnish it with the included in-house made strawberry marshmallow. The springy, marshmallows are bursting with flavour as they’re made with the highest quality fruit purée and none of that artificial junk that’s in store-bought marshmallows. The marshmallows are made with halal gelatin. What a special experience this is! Simply heat up a mug of milk or your favourite non-dairy beverage, place the spoon in, stir and enjoy.