Dark Chocolate Easter Escapade
Caramelized White Chocolate Escapade
Milk Chocolate Easter Escapade
Raspberry Chocolate Easter Escapade
White Chocolate Easter Escapade
Easter Escapade Chick Bonbon
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Easter Escapade

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Cherish this adorable bunny filled with, and surrounded by delicious goodies. Choose a bunny from five different types of chocolate:
The white, caramelized white, milk chocolate bunnies sit on top of a milk chocolate base. The dark and raspberry chocolate bunnies sit on top of a dark chocolate base. 
Beside the bunny is a carrot made with passion fruit couverture. All bases are painted with coloured cocoa butter. 
Also included is a chick bonbon filled with a layer of cherry pâte de fruit over a pumpkin seed coconut praline base. In addition, there is purple egg bonbon filled with a tropical fruit caramel over a peanut praline studded with peanut pieces. Both are molded in Valrhona’s 62% dark chocolate. 
Inside the bunny you will find an assortment of pâte de fruit and Easter cuties made of various Valrhona couvertures including: 62% dark, yuzu, raspberry and strawberry.
Choose the raspberry or dark for a vegan friendly option. 
Pickup or local delivery only, shipping not available for this item. 
Weighs 220 grams, and comes in the 6" x 6" x 6" clear box with ribbon as shown.
This item contains no added gluten.