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Egg Breaker

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Get something special with this delicious piece of edible art. Available in dark or milk chocolate and various different designs. Break this hollow chocolate egg open to reveal the following delectable goodies inside: 
- Coconut almond dark chocolate rocher
- Candied orange pieces enrobed in dark chocolate
- Ducklings made with passion fruit couverture
- Pretzels slathered with dark or milk chocolate

- Four different flavours of caramels: salted, dark chocolate, raspberry, and passion fruit-mango.

All items made in-house and all made using the finest ingredients, including Valrhona’s couverture chocolate and purées imported from France. 
Pickup or local delivery only, shipping not available for this item. 
Weighs 300 grams. Comes in a 4" x 4" x 6" clear box, with ribbon and wooden mallet as shown.
contains gluten and nuts.