Why choose us

Our products are bursting with flavour.
Don't you hate it when you buy what is supposed to be a high end product and it's all flash and no flavour? We were shocked to find big and small chocolatiers using artificial flavours. This is NOT the case with our products.

We use the very best ingredients available and NO artificial flavours. Each item is hand crafted in small batches, with each batch taking multiple days to complete. Check out our "How it's Made" page to learn more.

Texture Counts

We hate when customers are fooled by products that use freeze dried fruit pieces that look good, but have a soggy limp texture when you eat it. Also beware of caramels that go crunchy from crystallization, or baked goods added it that go moldy, yuck!

That is NOT the case with our products. 

We use properly dried fruits that won't go soggy. Our recipes are crafted with water content awareness to ensure no mold or crystallization.

We use ethically sourced chocolate.
It's sad to see most other national chocolate brands using child labour to keep their price low and profit high.  We use Valrhona chocolate which meets the highest standards for both quality and ethical sourcing.Click on their logo below to visit their website to learn more.

Valrhona Chocolate Logo