About Us

Fresh, small-batch, handcrafted confections are all you will find here. There is nothing in this world like freshly made chocolate. Once you've had it, your perspective will be forever-changed. All our chocolate creations are crafted with what we believe is the best chocolate that you can buy, Valrhona. We are so proud to use such high quality chocolate that is also ethically sourced. We just can’t wait for you to try it!

So much thought and care goes into each of our creations, from the hand-painted exterior, to the flavours and textures of the fillings. Only the highest-quality and freshest ingredients will suffice. Fresh dairy, spices, nuts and fruits make all the difference when curating a taste experience that truly is an adventure for your senses.

The adventure begins with taking in a beautiful exterior, with the shine of a perfectly tempered shell and a one-of-a-kind design. Then there is the intoxicating aroma of fresh, high-quality chocolate, followed by the sheer satisfaction of the crisp snap that comes from a perfectly tempered chocolate shell. Inside there is an intense burst of pâte de fruit; the smooth feel of a silky ganache on your tongue; or the gratifying crunch of a praline or crispy cookie base. We’ve created so many of these unique experiences and we are so excited to go on this adventure with you. Be warned though, they can be dangerously addictive. 

About Us Melissa Simon Chocolatier

We are a Husband and Wife Duo, with Brent, the technologist and Master taste-tester, and Melissa, the Chocolatier. Chocolate Escapade began with a love of sharing great food. Every year we looked so forward to sharing holiday baking with family, friends and neighbours. One year, chocolate made it into the collection and the tremendous feedback encouraged us to explore chocolate further. What a truly amazing substance that enchants both the scientific and artistic mind. To explore this further, Melissa took classes with world-renowned chocolatiers, Ramon Morato and Melissa Coppel and graduated from Ecole Chocolat chocolate school. Then we created a dedicated chocolate studio in our home so that we could share these beloved creations with you. We are so excited for you to try them!

All photos on this website are of real food. Don’t worry, none of the bonbons from the photo-shoots went to waste.