FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your artisan chocolates special?
We are proud to use the very best chocolate available, Valhrona. Once you taste it, we're certain you will agree. Each item is hand crafted in small batches, with each batch taking multiple days to complete. First, the molds are hand painted with coloured cocoa butter, and then shells are made into which the fillings are placed. Many of our items have multiple fillings, which must be made and layered in order to achieve a particular flavor profile.

Do you use ethically sourced chocolate?
Yes, absolutely. Valrhona meets the highest standards for both quality and ethical sourcing. Unfortunately other mass produced chocolate is not produced using ethical methods.  Click on their logo below to visit their website to learn more.

Valrhona Chocolate Logo

What should I do with my chocolates after receiving?
When chocolate experiences large temperature fluctuations (difference of 8 Celsius or more), condensation can form which may reduce the shine. To minimize this risk, avoid opening the box until the chocolate has come to room temperature.

How soon should your chocolates be consumed upon receiving?
For optimal freshness, we recommend consuming our bonbons within 2 weeks, as some have fresh ganache in them with a 2-4 week shelf life. We recommend consuming our tablets within 3 months.

What is meant by optimal freshness?
We use this term to describe how long our bonbons will remain at their absolute best. While their shelf-life is 30 days, they will taste their best if consumed within two weeks. The reason for this is because when different flavours are packaged together, there can be some flavour migration from one to another. While these changes will be minimal, we strive to ensure that everyone has the best taste experience possible from our bonbons.

How is optimal freshness different from shelf-life?
When we talk about shelf-life, we are referring to how long a product can be safely consumed. Our products are produced without preservatives so they will not last as long as most you purchase in stores. This lack of preservatives and use of fresh ingredients is precisely what makes our bonbons taste so delicious.
The shelf-stability of our products varies according to the fillings used, for example, nut-based fillings are shelf-stable for several months due to their high fat content and absence of water. Marshmallow and Pâte de fruits fillings are also shelf-stable for several months due to their low water and high sugar contents. Because of their higher water content, ganaches have the shortest shelf life, at 30 days. It is, however, the high water content in a ganache that gives it that soft, smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Given that our bonbons often consist of multiple layers, the shelf-life of each bonbon is determined by the layer with the shortest shelf-life. So to be comprehensive, we say that our bonbons have a 30 day shelf-life.

How should your chocolates be stored?
Chocolate is best stored in a cool, dry place (18-20 Celsius and 60% humidity or lower). A wine fridge would provide an ideal environment, if you should have one available.

What is Gianduja?
This is a delectably smooth blend of nut paste, sugar and chocolate, often used as a filling in bonbons.

What is Praline?
This is a confection made of nuts, sugar (often caramelized), and sometimes also chocolate and/or cream. It is often used as a bonbon filling.

What is Pâte de Fruits?
They are also known as fruit jellies. It is a French confection of dense, chewy fruit paste that was originally cubed and coated in sugar. More modern use of this confection is to create a soft filling with it to pipe into molded bonbons. Our pâte de fruits are always made from the highest quality puree.

Are your chocolates gluten-free?
We prepare all our products in the same kitchen, with many ingredients that contain gluten, so we are not able to say we offer anything that is gluten-free. That said, we do have some products that will have a very low amount if any at all, such as our chocolate tablet bars, caramel bonbons, and bonbons with gianduja or praline. Please feel free to inquire further if you are looking for low-gluten products.

Do you have any sugar-free chocolates?
We do not offer any sugar-free options at this time.  Currently high quality chocolate couverture that is sugar-free is currently not available in Canada.

Do you sell any vegan-friendly products?
Yes. Check this page for our current products that either have vegan-friendly options.

Do you make custom orders?
Yes, please contact us and we can work together on your custom order.

Is there a store that I can visit to view products?
Unfortunately we don't have a store open to the public.  We provide detailed, untouched photos of our products on this site for the best virtual visit possible.

What options are there to receive my order?
We offer "Free Pickup" at our South Edmonton Studio, "Local Delivery" for Edmonton and surrounding areas, and "Alberta-wide shipping" via Canada Post. Click here for more details.

Should I feel confident with the payment process on your website?
Yes, we are proud to use the Shopify platform for our website. They are a Canadian company that specializes in e-commerce for large and small businesses. The payment process is strictly controlled and is considered as secure as possible. If for any reason you are not comfortable with the online payment process, contact us for other options.

Why don't you offer Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal Express payment options?
These options default to adding shipping cost to your order when most of our customers prefer to pickup their order.  They also skip the page for you to enter gift card and discount codes. To avoid this issue we've disabled the Express options on our site. Don't worry, we've kept regular PayPal as a payment option. 

Why don't you charge GST?
We are a small business and currently don't meet the revenue threshold at this time to collect GST.

Have a different question for us?
Don't hesitate to send us a chat through the "Chat with us" button on the bottom right.  Alternatively, you can message or call us through the "Contact Us" page.